AIO MOBILITY | The way to move
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Designing urban experiences

All mobility In

One App

app phone


Plan A to Z

Near or far – wherever you want to go.

Save Money

Check price before get destination.

Save Time

Choose how to go and use your time better.

Move Green

Planet-friendly choices that still give you freedom.

How does it work ?

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All In One 

One app for all your transport needs: Public transport, sharing solutions, taxis, and carpooling.

Pay for all of your travel via AIO 

Say goodbye to bulky wallets, travel cards, and a thousand or so different apps.

Relax with an all-inclusive plan 

No worries: you don´t have to register your data and documents in each transport operators, we make it for you.






Black Cabs







Who are Smart People?

Def. Smart People

Smart People are people who know how to manage their time, saving their money to spend on important things like travel, family, laughter and friends. In other words AIO people.

What is a Smart City?

Def. Smart City

A smart city is an urban area that uses different types of electronic to optimize the efficiency of city operations and services and connect to citizens. Smart city technology allows city officials to interact directly with both community and city infrastructure and to monitor what is happening in the city and how the city is evolving.

What about AIO

AIO connect people with the vibes of the city, to make an smart mobility

AIO connects the mobility operators of the city in a single app to make life easier for the user. In this way you can have at a glance all the mobility in your hands and plan your routes in a smart way. We make smart cities, for smart people.


Become smart people

The ultimate Maas platform